Kaibo Gear Solutions

Kaibo offers a comprehensive range of gearboxes in various industries.

Our precision-engineered gear solutions, such as helical bevel gearboxes, are crafted with the highest standards, delivering durable and efficient performance for all your machinery needs.

Rubber and Plastic Industry

Designed for extrusion and injection molding, our gear reducers ensure smooth and precise operations to meet the demanding needs of the rubber and plastic industry.

Oil and Gas Industry

Our gear reducers provide the high torque and reliability needed for drilling rigs, pumps, and other critical machinery in the oil and gas sector.

Food and Beverage Industry

With hygiene and precision in mind, our gear reducers meet the stringent requirements of food processing equipment, ensuring clean and reliable operations.

Mining and Quarrying Industry

Built to withstand harsh conditions, our gear reducers deliver reliable power transmission for conveyors, crushers, and other mining machinery.

Marine Industry

For marine anchor windlass systems and other applications, our gear reducers offer durability and corrosion resistance, providing safe and efficient operations at sea.

Construction Industry

Our gear reducers are designed for heavy-duty construction machinery, providing the power and efficiency needed for cranes, mixers, and other equipment.

Efficiency in Motion: Kaibo Gear Reducers for Every Industry

Kaibo’s products undergo comprehensive finishing processes on our precision grinding machines, delivering high-quality gear reducers that meet international standards.