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Kaibo Industrial Gearboxes: Excellence Through Innovation and Dedication

Kaibo stands as a testament to unwavering dedication and practical innovation in the gear manufacturing industry. Guided by the philosophy of “being specialized in one trade and dedicated to one thing for life,” Kaibo has steadily developed into a high-tech enterprise that integrates product research and development, production, and sales.

Commitment to Precision and Specialization:

Kaibo’s approach to business reflects a deep commitment to specialization and excellence. The company follows the principle of focusing on one trade and excelling in it, ensuring that every step is methodical and grounded. This pragmatic attitude has enabled Kaibo to form strategic collaborations with numerous research institutions and universities across the country.

Innovation and Intellectual Property:

Kaibo has achieved significant milestones in innovation and intellectual property. The company has secured nearly 30 utility model patents and 1 invention patent, demonstrating its continuous pursuit of innovation in gear technology. This focus on research and development has established Kaibo as a leader in industrial gearbox solutions.

Integrated High-Tech Enterprise:

Over the years, Kaibo has evolved into a comprehensive high-tech enterprise. It brings together product development, manufacturing, and sales under one roof, providing customers with end-to-end solutions. This integrated approach ensures that each product reflects Kaibo’s dedication to quality and innovation.


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