Welcome to Our Gear Reducer Collection

At Kaibo, we specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality gear reducers for various industrial applications. Explore our range below to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Kaibo Industrial Gearboxes

Helical Bevel Gearboxes

Designed for maximum efficiency, these gearboxes offer superior torque transmission with minimal backlash, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Welcome to Our Gear Reducer Collection

1. XM Series Reducer for Drop Type Refiner

Features: Designed for high efficiency, this reducer is optimized for refiner applications, providing reliable and consistent performance.

2. XK Series Reducer for Open Mill

Features: Engineered specifically for open mills, this series is built to handle demanding conditions with exceptional durability.

3. XY Series Reducer for Multi-Roller Calendering Machine

Features: Designed for calendering machines, the XY series offers high-precision and efficiency.

4. XY Series Combined Reducer

Features: A versatile solution, this reducer is optimized for various applications that require combined reducers.

5. ZSYF Series Square Box Body (Combined Reducer)

Features: Featuring a robust design, this series is suitable for heavy-duty industrial tasks.

6. YP Series Reducer for Twin Screw Extruding and Tablet Pressing

Features: Ideal for extrusion and pressing applications, this reducer is known for its precision and longevity.

7. ML, YM Series Special Reducer for Flip Type Refiner

Features: Specialized for flip type refiners, this reducer delivers high torque and reliability.

8. SCW Series Calender Pitch Worm Gear Box

Features: With a sturdy worm gear design, this series ensures accurate pitch control in calender applications.

9. CXT Series Special Reducer for Rubber Cold Feed Pin Extrusion

Features: Tailored for rubber extrusion applications, this reducer ensures optimal performance and efficiency.

10. Hard Toothed Cylindrical Gear Reducer

Features: Designed for demanding applications, this reducer ensures high power transmission efficiency.

11. Taper Cylindrical Gear Reducer

Features: With a combination of taper and cylindrical gears, this reducer is built for reliability in various applications.

12. Heavy Duty Industrial Gearboxes

Features: Built for the heaviest industrial tasks, these gearboxes deliver unmatched strength and durability.

13. Mixing and Blending Equipment

Features: Specifically engineered for mixing and blending processes, offering precise control and durability.

14. Reducer for Leather Drum

Features: Optimized for leather processing, this reducer provides smooth and reliable operation.

15. Industrial Planetary Reducer

Features: A versatile solution for industrial applications, designed for precision and efficiency.

16. Paper Machinery

Features: Built to support paper manufacturing processes, ensuring consistent performance.

17. Helical Gear Reducer

Features: Featuring helical gear technology, these reducers offer smooth and efficient power transmission.

18. Specialized Reducer for Welding Roller Frame

Features: Designed for welding applications, providing precise and reliable operation.

19. Solid Shaft Belt Output Flange Type

Features: Ideal for applications requiring solid shaft and flange outputs, ensuring high power transmission.

20. Petrochemical Equipment

Features: Built for the rigorous demands of petrochemical processing, ensuring reliable and safe operation.

21. Special Reducer for Friction Winch

Features: Designed specifically for friction winches, providing high torque and reliability.

22. Specialized Reducer for Granulating and Drying Equipment

Features: Tailored for granulation and drying processes, delivering precise control.

23. Marine Anchor Winch Special Reducer

Features: Built for marine applications, providing reliable anchor winch operation.

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